Tips To Make Sure That Your Wordpress Website Is Seo Optimized

When you talk to professional Denver SEO consultants, one thing they will tell you is that you want to optimize your social media pages. When it comes to your Facebook fan page, there are certain methods that you want to use to ensure that it is effectively optimized. This is relatively simple to do and you can go back at any time and make sure that you have optimized the different components effectively.

Make Sure That Your Fan Page is Properly Named

When people see your Facebook fan page, they should automatically relate it to your business or website. You should be strategic and choose a name that is related and not being used elsewhere. However, do not stuff keywords or make the name too long. It should be short, descriptive, simple and to the point. The first word of the name of your fan page is the most important.

After you get 25 Likes on your fan page, you can further boost the SEO with the name of your page in the URL. Search engines give a significant amount of weight to a unique URL, so make sure that no one else is using it and ensure that it perfectly reflects your business.

Make Sure That Your Keywords Are Properly Placed

When you are using keywords, not only do you have to make sure that they are the right ones, but you have to ensure that they are in the right place. In most cases, the general rules that apply to keywords on your website will apply here. You want to make sure that your keywords are listed in more info your SEO title, the actual title, the About section of your page in the first sentence, the meta description and in at least one H1 and H2 headline, if you are using these.

If you want your fan page to be easily found locally, you want to make sure that your location is listed. If you are a business with a physical location, you should list your full address on your fan page.

Take Advantage of Backlinking

One way to improve your SEO is with inbound links to the page you are working to improve the SEO of. Search engines that see a lot of quality inbound links will consider the page to be one that is authoritative and reward it with higher placement.

As you can see, you can get more out of your Facebook fan page. If you are unsure about the methods that you are using, talk to professional Denver SEO consultants to learn about how you can make the right fixes to get more from your fan page.

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